The Godfather

Our tour will start by picking you up from your location, A delightful half day ….. trip to the fascinating catacombs of the Cappuccini convent in Savoca and Bar Vitelli – used in the shooting of the ” Godfather ” in 1971. Then a scenic drive to Forza d’Agrò. Includes a walking tour through the peaceful streets, churches and cathedrals.

Although no one knows why the Penterfur settled right here, instead it is known that Savoca owes its name to the presence of elder trees, in Greek Sabuka, hence the dialect term, still used today, Sauche. “Modern” Savoca developed, starting from about 1134, around the Pentefur Rock, named after its ancient inhabitants, whose existence is still alluded to in the quarter of the little town which continues to be called Pentifurri.

Later we will visit Ficuzza with its farmhouse and then we will go to Piana degli Albanesi to taste, among other things, the Sicilian cannoli, specialties of the place.

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